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We Revolutionize Football

*Grund a Hungarian term for all mini football Pitch

With installed cameras on the *Grunds and our AI based app we can bring revolutionary experience to you.


Next Generation of Play

With us a new generation of football players has grown.Whom the game is not just in physichal space important but in the virtual space too.

With our revolutionary system we merge them together to offer a brand new game experience for players

  • Player faces and movement in games
  • Complete Challange in real life and your virtal character improve
  • Join the footballverse

Your Dreams our pitch

Lot's of youngster dreaming about becoming a next superstar football player . We want to bring this dreams closer to you.


  • Analyze your performance from videos
  • Scout system can check every moves
  • Controlled training shaped for you


The Grund and football is about people .A place where differences collapses and friendships develops. Connect as never seen before.


  • Share your best scenes
  • Organize teams and cups
  • Compete by challenges
key features

Full Video Pitch :)

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